Oh, so that explains it (March 26, 2001)

Anyway, I suppose I should introduce *myself* (if I haven’t already; can’t remember at this point)! I’m an American expat writer living in Ljubljana, Slovenia (someone has to). Originally from NYC, lived in Boston for a few too many years also. I’m 41, which puts me squarely in the middle of this list’s demographic. I can also empathize with the feeling of waking up one morning and realizing a decade has gone by with not much to show for it except some gray hairs and creakier bones (though I can still occasionally put aside the herbal remedies and go out on the town for a cleansing evening of garage-punk at the local student center).

I am more interested in discussing punk rock (and how former punks/rebels can grow old gracefully) than Saturday morning cartoons or breakfast cereals from the ’60s, which topics I feel were played out a while back, and am more interested in projecting the near future than replaying nostalgia (in the words of our contemporary, the late Kirsty MacColl, “Too much reminiscing is bad for the soul/It screws up your life and it makes you feel old”). But 1989 *was* a great year for the world, nonetheless…


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