Re: A song of love for healing (September 26, 2001)

(after downloading RealPlayer and finally being able to access the sound files)

Just wanted to thank Nancy for posting this, and Carrie for creating that beautiful and moving song. I think Carrie being a `personal’ rather than `political’ writer works in her favor here, especially in the context of the time of its writing, when the dust was still (literally and metaphorically) settling. We don’t need to get the musical equivalent of a newspaper editorial or, worse, political polemic from our writers and artists right now; that would be a cliché at best, offensive at worst. What we do need are perspectives we’re not hearing from the newsmagazines and CNN, and a spiritual connection, and heartfelt sincerity (which Carrie delivers as always). `Healing’ really is the key word here, and love is always vital…

It’s difficult being a New Yorker in exile right now, even if it’s voluntary exile. I have simultaneous feelings of being-glad-I’m-not-there and wish-I-was-there-now kickboxing it out in my head. All those things-that-aren’t-being-said-in-the-mass-media-but-should also bothers me; the NY Times blacklist (which isn’t, after all, related to the attacks) is bad enough, but the sponsors pulling out of ‘Politically Incorrect’ and the attacks on Bill Maher for attempting to live up to his show’s name are even worse, as far as I’m concerned.

More to say as always, but I really think I should get busy with some revisions to my own website around now.


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