Secrets of a good relationship? (November 17, 2002)

I still think of myself (my inner self) as being somewhere in my mid-twenties, as do, I’d wager, many if not most of us here. Except, of course, that I have all these memories of black-and-white TV and rotary-dial phones and the `64 New York World’s Fair and such, not to mention all that stuff in the `70s, and it takes me longer to recover from a late night at a downtown club (a rather infrequent occurrence these days, I admit).

I must take exception to (another member’s) remark about mutual procrastination, as the Fiancee and I didn’t even meet until last year and before that, neither of us had thought we’d ever encountered the Right One (as, indeed, we hadn’t). So forgive a slight smugness; it’s been a long time comin’ and yes, we both deserve to be happy, at least as much as anyone. We both wish we’d happened to meet 20 years ago, but, as we’ve said to each other, we might well not have been ready for each other then; perhaps the universe wanted us to go through all our separate travails so we’d appreciate each other that much more when we finally found each other in the 21st century. Who is to say why anyone meets anyone else, and whether there’s a purpose behind it all? (ah, all the deep thoughts this topic brings up…)

I ain’t perfect, God knows; but I would at least hope that with age comes a certain amount of appreciating what you’ve got, and knowing what’s right for you. I would hope that I’m less of a fool now than I was at 24. Yes, love and respect are very good things in a relationship. I’d also highly recommend having a good laugh together several times a week (and not only that, ha ha)…


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