Oh, the ironies of it all (January 22, 2003)

For those of you who came in late, I’m a 43-year-old writer and editor living in Austin, TX (my former habitations were in New York, Massachusetts and Slovenia). Just so you should know: it’s not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable with anything I post, but soon after I discovered this group I made myself an unspoken promise to be as sincere and honest as I could in expressing myself, whether or not it was reflective of the “conventional wisdom.” I get to know myself better when I write these outbursts, and I feel I owe myself, and you, nothing less.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that as my life has taken off on an upward, expanding spiral (roughly since the summer of 2001), and I’ve become more inwardly directed, the outside world seems to have gone off on a near-simultaneous downward, contracting spiral, and, just as my personal happiness has been shooting off the charts, the man and woman in the street can talk of nothing other than how anxious they feel, and how the world is going to hell, and wondering how they ever wound up with those people in Washington. (Oh, the irony of it all, who can stand it. It should be a country song…)


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