Launching a new one (October 8, 2003)

Hi everyone,

Mrs. P and I are back from our slightly delayed honeymoon (we went to Kauai — what a tonic, everyone should go to Bali Hai at least once and sip umbrella drinks while watching hula demonstrations) and, at long last, are ready to launch into our ‘real’ married life. I think.

The night before we flew home we went to a very down-home, family-style luau on the north side of the island, and ended up sitting next to a couple who had been married for 45 years (even longer than we’d been alive, that’s how long that is) and the female half of the couple gave us three important bits of advice for a happy married life: 1) Be patient with each other, 2) Listen to each other, and 3) most importantly – have a good sense of humor. Makes sense to us…

On another note entirely, since I was: 1) tired of always being an observer and never a true participant in the dance of life, I felt, and wanting to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and all that kind of thing, and 2) tired of it always having to be about ME (I’ve gotten a little bored with the ‘me’ thing lately), and inspired by the Tucson freecyclers, I’ve started a new Yahoo group called austinfreecycle because someone would have started one soon anyway, and I wanted to get the jump and PARTICIPATE, meaningfully. So, here it is and hopefully, it’ll grow into something. I’ll be posting flyers at food co-ops and sending out a couple of press releases soon enough, I expect. One of those simple, brilliant concepts that seems obvious in retrospect: A place to get rid of stuff and get stuff you need, all for free, with a minimum of hassle and lots of good vibes all around. And (what a relief) it’s not about ME, for a change.

Oh, music I’ve been listening to lately? The usual eclectic mix (Hawaiian music has definitely improved since my last visit to the islands, 20 years ago). Lately I’ve been listening to the D.I.Y. series of compilations of late ’70s British and American pop — Nick Lowe, the Yachts, the dBs, the Motors, that kind of thing. Brilliant stuff.

Later this month, Mrs. P and I plan to see Jonathan Richman at the Continental Club, where he’s at for a three-night stand…both of us are a little dismayed that he goes on so late, as we have a bit of a drive to get there and back, but we’ll probably go anyway. So goes life in the forties.


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