Environmental initiatives and such (April 26, 2005)

[In response to a discussion on early ’70s ‘green’ related events]

I certainly remember the picture of the Big Blue Marble from space circa 1970, and the first Earth Day rumblings (sorry I’m a bit late jumping into the discussion, but the biggest ‘twin story’ I have so far is that they are, uh, taking up almost every minute of my free time and Mrs. Pogoer’s; however, I do discern the design of the universe in the whorls of hair atop my sons’ heads, and I like it when they smile at me even if it’s only gas).

I think independence and a certain unpretentious openness are hallmarks of Late Boomers; as far as reigning in corporate domination goes, I would only suggest that it begins at home. (Personally, I’ve always preferred to opt out of corporate structures and have been happiest as a free agent as long as enough sustenance is rolling in.)

As far as my own environmental initiatives are concerned, I have to blow my own horn a bit here since I started the Austin branch of the Freecycle Network…membership in the Austin Yahoo group alone is nearing 10,000 and keeping me and Mrs. P (and a few other moderators) quite busy, as if the twins aren’t enough.

Well, more in a bit.


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