It’s never too late to start something (February 19, 2005)

For some of you it might have seemed I’ve lately been conspicuous by my absence, but I haven’t exactly disappeared. For one thing, I’ve become the lead moderator of a Freecycle group in my adopted home town of Austin — for those of you not familiar with this movement that promotes ‘giving with a human face,’ go to this link. The Austin group is now pushing 9000 members, and it keeps me and a squad of other mods pretty busy most of the time…[note: as of today, 12/29/06, it’s pushing 13,000 members…however, I no longer moderate this group.]

The other thing is that my wife and I recently (on Feb. 7) became the parents of two absolutely-the-cutest-boys-you’ve’-ever-seen (two Aquarian  children of the new age, indeed), and so I’m a first-time dad at the age of 45, of twins no less, and am absolutely  delighted at the newness of it all. The most common comment my wife and I have gotten is, “You’re gonna have your hands full,” sometimes accompanied by snickering — I suppose the babes’ screaming and spit-ups and sleepless nights are Boot Camp initiating  us into the ranks of Parenthood Nation. The boys’ Social Security cards arrived in the mail today, so now it’s really official, I suppose, at least as far as the State is concerned.

So it’s intense, but not overwhelming (well, not usually). Sometimes I wonder, which is the real world — work/politics, the natural world, or the domestic world of family and home? Integrating and making sense of all of these worlds may be, perhaps, the most profound work any of us are ever called upon to do.


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