The mesečnik files

Since Michael M., the current official American Guy in Slovenia, has mentioned my “nalepka noir novelette” work-in-progress, The Mesečnik Files, on his popular blog The Glory of Carniola, I figure I might as well mention it here (heck, it might give me impetus to finally finish the thing). It’s a tale of millennial-era Ljubljana, and one mesečnica in particular. And what is a mesečnik (or mesečnica), you ask? Why, the teenager who sells you the monthly sticker on the bus, of course. Maybe you had to be there. (I know I was.)

It’s a work of fiction, if you need to ask. No resemblance to actual mesečniks or other habitantes of Ljubljana is intended, including their social relationships, work habits or other details of their personal lives. Also, on the whole, I’m sure they don’t drink quite that much. Although you never know.

So, enjoy.


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