Fanka nam manka, or: The Perfect Storm

Which, for those not clued in to the wonders of Slovene slang of the past decade, means “funk is scarce.” It’s a pretty good description of Thanksgiving (Zahvalni dan) in general, but also of things around chez Pogoer this week. In the words of Mrs. Pogoer, I’m quite weary of the virus plaguing our home for the past two weeks, but that’s not all. I’ve just gotten over a nasty gastrointestinal disorder (I’ll spare you the details), Mrs. P is feeling right poorly herself, and the kids are acting extra-cranky, too. (Although it does give me an excuse to say the kids are acting like two-year-olds, which is to say, acting their age.)

Work-wise, I’m in the midst of an extensive field-research project in Austin for a major travel publisher’s guidebook, which involves visiting all sorts of hotels and restaurants, both incognito and not, plus other urban diversions. Then there’s another magazine article due around the first of the month. It’s nice to have work, but this is one of those perfect-storm moments. On top of this, our master bath is in the midst of a total re-do (more out of necessity than vanity, though we are getting new vanities) and we’ll have to wait until after This Damn Holiday Weekend is over to finish the job. At least we have the guest bath, which spares the back lawn some indignities, ha ha.

What I’m trying to say is, it’ll probably be a while before I post properly here again, but not for want of wanting to. Call it a late-November interregnum.

Srečno Zahvalni dan vam želi!

Nice to have that cold front finally here.


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