Want to be a writer? We did it, so can you

A lot of folks out there want to be writers, but only a few have the guts (and, just as important, the know-how) to set themselves up as home-based entrepreneurs. Sure, it’s an exacting and rewarding craft requiring actual creative thinking, but writers have to pay bills too, and should know how to get in touch with their inner marketer, accountant, and office manager. Thus, the need for books like How To Start A Home-Based Writing Business, by Lucy V. Parker (5th edition). I’d be happy to recommend this very useful guide even if Ms. Parker hadn’t included Mrs. Pogoer and me among several home-based writers she profiled in the current (fifth) edition.

Really, we’re tickled to be included and flattered that someone else (a fellow writer, too) thinks that our story is worthwhile reading for aspiring scribes.

So buy the book, already.


4 responses to “Want to be a writer? We did it, so can you

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am presently seeking an Agent to solict my books. Your blog is very helpful for my quest.

  2. I am going to buy the book..although I am a freelance writer..I don’t make a lot of money at it. I do it for the joy and pleasure. I have one published book. And I write for several greeting card companies. but mostly I write for me!

  3. Thanks! I am an Austin freelancer too and just read about you guys in the book, which is what brought me to your blog. Congrats on your success in the ATX.

  4. Thanks, looking forward to reading this.

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