The Ugly Beatitudes

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog! It’s just that time flies when you’re…well…really busy with a bunch of challenging stuff. But never mind about that…today’s all about how I’ve gone back to my rock-writin’ roots with this article in the Austin American-Statesman profiling the Ugly Beats, a  ’60s-inspired garage-rock/power-pop combo that’s been plugging away since 2003. There are so many musicians and bands in Austin that it’s hard for all but a select few to get any significant press coverage, so I was glad to be able to give a bit of well-deserved local publicity to this hard-workin’ bunch of nice folks who make well-crafted music that’s fun to listen to. Cheers, and buy their CD.

By the way, the headline for this post is my original headline for the story, which the Statesman (wisely) decided not to run with. Yeah, I do appreciate having an editor when it counts.


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