Indian Summer

So, we come to the recent death of Donna Summer. Sigh. Although she’d lived a relatively quiet life in recent years and didn’t disgrace herself in any way, I didn’t notice the governor of her home state (Massachusetts) flying the flag at half-staff in her honor. Tributes did pour in from the president and a host of other prominent folks, though, so that’s something.

Me, t reminded me of the time I reviewed an outdoor concert of hers in Massachusetts for a Boston weekly newspaper in the summer of 1990. Although Summer’s music was never what I would call my thing, it was a lot of fun (admit it) and even people who didn’t like disco in the ’70s had pretty much come around to it by that point.  Summer was 41 at the time and it had been a while since she’d had a hit record, and the crowd was small for the venue, but she put on quite a show and even halted her concert in mid-set so her opening act — a comedian who had been delayed in transit — could come out and perform. That’s class for you. Here’s the review (click on the links).




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