Why do Republicans, why do Democrats

To amuse myself and take the pulse of the public, such as it is, I sometimes enter stock phrases into Google to find the most popular responses. Today I typed in the following, and got these responses, which I submit without further commentary (except that I think it explains a lot about the state of our contemporary political discourse).

1.  Why do Republicans _____

hate obama

hate obamacare

hate unions

hate poor people

use winner-take-all primaries

hate women so much

hate obama so much

hate science

call it the democrat party

oppose obamacare

2.  Why do Democrats ________

have a donkey

hate republicans

support abortion

hate guns

like ron paul

use a donkey

hate the military


hate reagan

support obamacare

3.  Why are Democrats ____________


so stupid


against voter ID

so hateful

called liberals

pro choice

for abortion

so dumb


4.  Why are Republicans ______

so stupid

attacking women


against obamacare

so evil

so hateful

against gay marriage

against birth control

against unions

called gop

5.  Why do liberals ____________

hate america

think they are smarter

hate christians

hate guns

6.  Why do conservatives _____

hate obama

hate gays

hate obamacare

deny global warming


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