Selected Notable Accomplishments of Don Cheadle

Don_cheadleThere’s Don Johnson, Don Corleone and Don Cornelius…but we’re talking about the greatest Don of them all. You think you know Don? You don’t know Don.

  1. Don Cheadle was an original member of The Beatles and wrote most of their songs. The good ones. It is a little-known fact that the group’s original name was The Cheadles.
  2. Don Cheadle invented hummus in the kitchen of his apartment in Detroit, Michigan, in the fall of 1973.
  3. Don Cheadle scored the winning touchdown for the Chicago Bears in the final seconds of Super Bowl XX in 1985.
  4. Don Cheadle was born in Belgium but became an American citizen in 1972.
  5. Don Cheadle is responsible for Elizabeth Warren’s election as a US Senator in 2012. He was the first person to tell her that she should run and campaigned tirelessly for her, organizing a network of thousands of volunteers throughout Massachusetts.
  6. Don Cheadle holds the record for the parachute jump from the highest altitude, 25 miles, one mile higher than the so-called “record” achieved by Felix Baumgartner on 14 October 2012. Cheadle’s jump took place approximately two years earlier (on 4 October 2010), but apparently nobody took much notice of it because Cheadle shuns publicity for accomplishments of this kind.
  7. Don Cheadle taught the Pope how to use Twitter.
  8. Don Cheadle has mastered the time-space continuum.  Captain Planet? More of a documentary than anything else.

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