Be My Steady Summer Date: Searching for Vikki Tasso

Over the tinny speaker (here’s the YouTube link) comes the haunting refrain, like a song from the early Ramones catalog as performed by a grade C Lesley Gore wannabe, backup vocalists (unless she’s backing herself) and a barely competent band in the summer of 1963:

Be my steady summer date (yeah yeah)

Come on baby, don’t hesitate (yeah yeah)

I like you, and you like me;

Let’s try it, baby.

Ooh, yeah.

As long as I can remember, that unassuming 45 had always been in my parents’ record collection. I have no idea why; it was hardly their taste, and I don’t remember anyone else ever playing it besides me.  As for Vikki (a/ka Vicki) Tasso, I can find next to nothing about her online. She seems to have recorded only two 45s in 1962, “The Sound of the Hammer/Foolish Me” on Colpix, and “Dear Ricky/My Boy” on Jeffrey, after which she dropped off the face of the earth, or more likely to a quiet domestic life in Queens.  (Here’s a link to an oldies blog with all four of those songs.)

We’ll go walking hand in hand

Leave our footprints in the sand.

I like you and you like me,

Let’s try it, baby.

We’ll go swimmin’ in the sea

Splash splash, you and me.

We’ll go dancin’ every night,

Hold, hold you oh so tight.

Assuming that Vikki Tasso and Vicki Tasso were one and the same, I don’t know why I’m apparently the only person on the Internet who’s ever heard of “I Love You So” b/w “BMSSD.”

Say you like my company (yeah yeah)

We’ll have fun, just you wait and see.

Be my steady summer date,

Come on baby, don’t hesitate.


(repeat last two verses from “We’ll go swimmin’…” to end)

Tasso Side B


One response to “Be My Steady Summer Date: Searching for Vikki Tasso

  1. Vicki Tasso was a local girl in my Brooklyn neighborhood, Prospect Heights, in the 50s and early 60s.We went to the same Catholic school: St. Teresa of Avila. I used to play the song on the jukebox at our local lunch joint, Karp’s on Franklin Avenue, down the block from the school, because we were all thrillled to hear a song by someone we knew–and plus I liked the song. The story that went around was that some talent scouts had come through, heard Vicky sing (don’t know where, maybe she just liked her looks, since she was one of the sexy girls at a time when that was enough to maybe make you a pop star) and got her into a studio to make a few records. The Tasso’s later moved out of Brooklyn and if memory serves, they were next in Vermont where one of her brother’s became something of a ski champion. That’s all I know

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