Enough with the links: Original Content Monday on Facebook

Facebook annoys me. I know, I’m not the only one. The constant data mining, the behind-the-scenes manipulation, the mass delusion of the users that they have some say in how they use the site (in reality, they have not much more say than sausage has in how it’s getting stuffed at the Jimmy Dean factory).

Modest proposal for a palace revolt? Let’s start with a small blow for creativity. Henceforth, devote Mondays to original content on FB. No links to Salon or Slate, unless it’s to posts you wrote your own self. No Upworthy, no Huffington Post, no NY Times or Mother Jones or MSNBC or Fox or even the local paper.

Just. Original. Content. Stuff you did yourself. Your own opinions, whether published anywhere else or just for your Friends. Books, magazine articles, blog posts, poems, whatever, as long as it’s yours. You can link to anything you created yourself — music videos, photos (professional or not), portfolios of your sculptures or paintings or dress designs or even, help us all, ad campaigns.

No links to editorials with a short note from you saying “Worth the Read.” No YouTube videos. No stories about that couple married 62 years who died within 22 minutes of each other (only women seem to like posting that one). No photos of puppies, unless they happen to be yours. Deal?

Call it Original Content Monday, which will be universally abbreviated within nine days to #OCM.

Let’s go.


One response to “Enough with the links: Original Content Monday on Facebook

  1. Big smile! I love this. I’m going to participate.

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