About the Pogoer And His Blog

Hello. My name is Wes Eichenwald: writer and editor, born in NYC, lived in Boston and Slovenia, now living in Austin with my young twin sons (I am a widower, in case you couldn’t tell from my more recent posts).

This blog had its genesis in a collection of posts I made to a Y**** Group, dating back to the second day of January, 2001. The years 2001 through 2003 were pivotal ones for me, both life-changing and life-expanding: I met and married my wife; moved from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Austin, Texas; laid the groundwork for starting a family (our twins were born in February, 2005). I also did a lot of thinking about life and the Big Questions in general, and writing just poured out of me. Much of the best of it was done not for publication, but for a smallish group made up of people born within a few years of me (dubbed Late Boomers or LateBoomers by the group moderator; personally, I prefer the term Generation Jones) who shared everything from nostalgic kiddie-show memories to thoughts on contemporary politics, most of it in the Democratic/progressive axis. For some reason, I immediately felt at home in this group and was comfortable enough to be myself in it from the start, unfettered by the word counts and unseen-editor-over-the-shoulder second-guessing of my professional life as a freelance journalist. Here, I could ramble on as I liked and say what I really thought. The moderator, Nancy, was of like mind on many issues and I much appreciated her encouragement.

These posts contain a lot of generational musings, and most involve music and musicians (a huge part of my life then and now). I think these writings are still worthwhile and wanted to see if they could find a larger audience, so I decided to put them out here as a “base” for the more recent posts. You can judge for yourself whether I have good sense about such things.

The blog has been strictly new content for a while (although for you, it’s likely that all of it is new). If you like, you can e-mail me at weichenwald (at) austin dot rr dot com. I’d be happy to hear from you.

OK, why ‘Pogoer’, you ask? It’s a reference to the up-and-down jumping dance clubgoers used to do at punk shows, which supposedly originated because of lack of space in which to dance any other way — thus the ‘pogo stick’ notion. It is perhaps most associated with the Ramones. I’ve been known to pogo at clubs on occasion, though those days are largely behind me now (unless the Rezillos are in town). In the mid-’80s, I wrote a few columns for a Boston magazine under the heading ‘Thoughts While Pogoing’ — the title being a takeoff of an old newspaper column I’d seen years before called ‘Thoughts While Shaving.’ (I have no idea of the identity of the old newspaper hand responsible for that.) In ‘Thoughts While Pogoing’ I referred to myself (tongue firmly in cheek) as the Pogoer, a sort of twentysomething punk Everyman trying to figure out what it all meant. Truth be told, I was always more of an observer than a true punk, but my heart was in the right place. So now you know.

Serendipitously, the word ‘pogoer’ is close to the Slovene word pogovor, which means a conversation or discussion. Since this website is a conversation of sorts, I suppose I could have called it pogovor.org…but pogoer.org does have a certain ring to it.

Alas, the domain of my original website, www dot pogoer dot org (a/k/a “Pogoer 1.0”) has been taken over by a Japanese site apparently marketing a hair-removal treatment. So, just check out this space (and my other website, The Odd Interview) for further developments…and pogo on.


One response to “About the Pogoer And His Blog

  1. Just hilarious! I will have to check back. Scholaastic! Haven’t thought about them in years. I’m so old I think the book were less than a dollar! My Dad was cheap so I did my all reading at the library. But maybe this is why I can’t pass the book aisle at the good will and flea markets…So, when my daughter came along, I lived through her by buying tons of Scholastic stuff! Thanks!

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